Online Giveaways are an effective yet low cost marketing method to promote your business around the internet, generate leads, grow your social media presence, strengthen your SEO, and ultimately increase sales.

In comparison to other Marketing campaigns, they are much more affordable and lead to a higher ROI. Just to give you an idea in terms of numbers, if you have an optimized designed Giveaway form, a great eye-catching title and intriguing copy, a decent prize, with the right promotion you can easily generate several thousand targeted leads within 4-6 weeks, several thousand social likes and followers, and many great high quality links to your website, not to mention the thousands of new prospects that will visit your website and potentially turn into customers.

Maximum Results

The giveaway’s purpose is not only to raise brand awareness, but also to generate website traffic, grow social followership, grow your e-Mail subscriber list for future engagement, generate targeted leads and ultimately increase sales.
To enter, people at minimum must provide their name and e-Mail address; this is customizable, you can also collect their phone number, address, and other data. So for every person who enters the giveaway, you will receive all of that information.
Once they complete this basic entry, they can complete other “activities” to gain more entries and thus increasing their chances of winning.
These should be customized based on your business, your objective, and your target audience, and can include but are not limited to:
  • Liking your Facebook page, thus growing your Facebook fan base
  • Leaving a blog post comment (great for SEO)
  • Following your business on Twitter
  • Writing a post about the Giveaway and sharing it with a link back to your website (fantastic for SEO and traffic generation)
  • Following your business on Pinterest
  • Joining your e-Mail list, thus growing your subscriber base of people who express interest in your products/services that you re-engage with anytime in the future
  • Browsing on your website and for example selecting their favorite item (which you can later use in a personalized offer to increase conversions to sales)
  • Sharing a tweet that will have a link to your website. So each time someone will share the tweet, they will share your website URL with all of their followers, leaving your business with the potential to being exposed to tens of thousands new people
  • Another entry method can be sharing pre-determined pins on Pinterest. The Pinterest pins that people can pin on their wall that will be seen by all of their followers should have an optimized description and include a link to your website. This generates traffic to your website Furthermore, your followership and engagement will grow.
  • People could earn more entries by sharing videos from your business’s YouTube channel further raising awareness
  • Giving the site a Google + (very valued by Google for SEO)
  • Referring others to the Giveaway and your website


The great thing is that the results will last much longer than the Giveaway itself
  • Your site may rank higher in search engines
    • due to the stronger social links
    • higher page authority from website engagement (e.g. comments)
    • and get a lot more organic traffic

Furthermore, people will keep spreading the word and sharing the Giveaway, reaching even more people who will come in contact with your brand and your business as well.

When we work with our clients on setting up their online Giveaway, we make sure everything is optimized.

Let our professionals handle it for you. Our service includes:

  • Giveaway creation
    • Design
    • Optimized Copy
    • HTML Links within the copy
    • Setup of all entry methods (as described in the options above)
    • Automatic configuration of entry tracking methods
    • Weekly updates sending you all leads and a report with current stats
  • After Giveaway end:
    • Generating random winners
    • Publication of winners within the form
    • An e-Mail report containing the winner’s information
  • Promotion
    • Submission to many linkies (amount based on the plan you choose) with 100,000+ total readership reach
    • Submission into several Giveaway Directories
    • e-Mail inclusion to 11,000+ subscribers
    • Facebook Fanpage Tab integration
    • Social Media Promotion
  • And much more customized to your business’s needs

If you are interested in having us set up and manage your Giveaway, please fill out the form below and we will provide you with more information and pricing. Contact us today and receive 10% off our prices – limited time offer!


Optimal Giveaway Length

The recommended length for a Giveaway Is 6 weeks, with weekly promotion for best results. It is a fantastic opportunity to grow your social presence significantly in a short period of time, inexpensively, and lay a foundation of viral natural further growth.


The Prize

The prize would be recommended to be either one of your products or services, which would establish interest among all who are exposed to and enter the Giveaway and allow you to build an e-Mail list of qualified leads that you can nurture over time and reconnect with to gain more customers and convert those leads into sales.

For example, if you own an online Fashion Boutique store, a good prize would be either $50 store credit or a specific item, such as a dress or a handbag, etc. This will lead only people from your target demographic to enter the giveaway, in this case for example women between 18 and 40, with the occasional older entrant or man who is hoping to win the prize for his wife or girlfriend. The bottom line is, you will end up with highly targeted leads whom you can continue to engage with via social media, send period newsletters to, and foster a relationship to gain them as long term customers as they have expressed an initial interest in your product.


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