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We are a full-service marketing agency and we work very hard to help our clients reach their maximum potential. Our goal is to help you learn how you can reach your maximum potential. We are offering you a no-risk, no obligation, free Marketing Evaluation (a $250 Value) to help you determine how you can improve your marketing strategy, grow your business, and ultimately increase client acquisition rates!

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The first step to improving your Marketing efforts is to have an expert analyze and evaluate your current activities and missed opportunities and tell you how you can grow your business & increase revenues.
  • We review your website & offer valuable insight on opportunities to improve it in various aspects
  • We give you feedback on your current marketing activities
  • We provide you with best practices of incorporating social media into your marketing strategy
  • We share strategies on improving your brand identity
  • We make suggestions on how to use your website to generate more leads (& more sales)
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Yes, the Marketing Evaluation is completed and provided to you at no cost.

We strive to complete all Marketing Evaluations within 7 business days.

We will e-Mail it to you in PDF format via e-Mail. Please whitelist nicole@nicoleelmore.com to assure it arrives in your inbox rather than getting lost in your junk folder.

Our goal is to provide you with valuable advice to bring your business to the next level. In return, we hope that you will consider us for potential marketing projects in the future or refer us to other prospects. However, there is absolutely no obligation to do so and this Marketing Evaluation is provided at no cost to you.

If you already have a project you simply want to get a quote on, contact us to request a free quote here.

Yes, you/a business are only eligible for 1 (one) free marketing evaluation every 365 days. You can request additional reviews for a $250 fee.